2015: Year of “Why not us? Why not Now”

Song: Hunger Strike-Temple of the Dog
Temple Of The Dog – Hunger Strike | Listen for free at bop.fm

Meal: Organic Chicken, Mushrooms, Peppers

Where: East Palo Alto, Southlake

There are only 7 possible answers to the question, “What day of the week is it?” Conversely there are an infinite amount possible differences between each one of those days. We find ways to categorize things in life by grouping days by specific nomenclature and I personally let these days define me.  I find a way to let the day of the week define what I am going to do:

Monday: Workout in the Morning | Tuesday: Workout in the afternoon | Wednesday: Off-day working out, Stay at my girlfriends | Thursday: Company Basketball game | Friday: Spend time with GF | Saturday:Try to go outside, unless football is on watch football | Sunday: Yoga/Farmers Market with sister, Football | REPEAT

In my mind this routine was built as a way to create optimal performance or the most efficient week.  But today I had a realization that this was a fear reaction.  I had been given order by an authority figure for 11 years with football where my day was defined by something unflappable and immovable.  I tried to recreate it, define each day as it had been done for me previously.  Well it is time to change this and take control of my life by getting rid of routine and order and release the restraints I put on myself.  No longer will I have excuses about not being able to accomplish goals based on ridiculous rules I place on myself. Not everything will change at once, I will still have my favorite things that allow me to maintain my identity.  But today I am going of script on the play sheet and calling something that I normally don’t call. There is no perfect timing for change so I go back to what a teammate in High School said on the first practice of the 2005 State Championship season.  “Why not us, why not now?”

I look forward to sharing my thoughts through a stream of consciousness and having you get a deeper insight into my thoughts on leadership, tech, football, and anything else (on any day of the week)

Play: (Chief Personnel) Seminole RT Fly RT Reverse Pass